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Why Choose Locum?

Why Choose Locum?

If you’re fresh out of medical school it can be very challenging to decide how you would like to progress your career, especially when there are so many options. You could take a salaried job and start earning money, or you could choose to specialize in a specific medical practice and continue your studies. But have you considered becoming a locum?

What Is A Locum Doctor?

A locum doctor is a fully qualified doctor who instead of choosing to work a salaried job as a GP or doctor in one specific hospital or practice or area, chooses to undertake long and short term temporary locum work at multiple locations, practices or hospitals wherever extra help or temporary cover is required. This could be due to the establishment being understaffed due to illness or experiencing higher volumes of patients than normal. 

A locum doctor is essentially a freelance doctor, who will go wherever the work is. There are many benefits to working as locum doctor and they are often overlooked by many when they first start out in their early careers.

What Are The Benefits Of Working As A Locum Doctor?

One of the main reasons many doctors choose to undertake locum work is the large amount of benefits that come with undertaking locum work. 

Excellent Rate Of Pay – Locum doctors are paid exceptionally well and in some cases can easily out earn salaried doctors. As a locum doctor, you can negotiate your own rate of pay if you are choosing to search for locum work by yourself. If you’re locuming through a locum agency, the agency will always try to negotiate the best rate of pay possible for you. Perhaps the biggest benefit of working as a locum is the excellent rate of pay.

It’s Incredibly Flexible – Choosing to work as a locum doctor allows you to live and enjoy a much more flexible life when it comes to your work-life balance. You can essentially choose when and where you want to work and for how long. You set your own hours, meaning you can work around family or other commitments as well as being able to work as often or as little as you like. 

Gain Valuable Experience – The likelihood of any two locum roles being the same is very small. Chances are you will be exposed to a wealth of valuable experience early on in your career that you can later use to your advantage.

You’re The Boss – As a locum doctor, you are your own boss. You can control your rate of pay, your working hours and where you work. Due to the fact that you are operating as self-employed, you will be able to take advantage of numerous tax benefits and schemes. 

Should I Choose To Become A Locum Doctor?

Ultimately, if you think working as a locum doctor would suit your lifestyle, then you should choose to become a locum. However, do be sure that working as a locum doctor suits your experience, skills, needs and requirements and be sure to conduct further research as to whether choosing to become a locum is the right option for you. 

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