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What Kinds of Locum Jobs Are There Available?

What Kinds of Locum Jobs Are There Available?

Working as a locum can open a whole world of opportunity. There are so many paths you can go down when undertaking locum work and the scope for learning new skills and gaining new experience is rather large. But it can sometimes be difficult to know which area of locum work you would like to undertake. 

We discuss some of the different kinds of locum jobs that are available. 

What Is a Locum GP? 

A locum GP is a doctor who undertakes the work of a general practitioner as and where needed. Experience can vary, but a locum GP will cover a short stay in a hospital or practice and will work for as long as they are needed before moving elsewhere to cover another area. 

Locum jobs can last anything from a few days to a few years depending on how short staffed the hospital or practice is. A locum GP can earn a very decent salary when conducting locum GP shifts. Some salaried GP’s choose to take on locum work in addition to their salaried GP jobs, whilst other locum GP’s choose to undertake solely locum work. 

Working as a locum GP can offer much in terms of flexibility and working hours. However, it can take its toll with mental burn out and travel. Below are a few of the types of locum jobs that are available.

LAS / Locum Appointment for Service – This post is generally undertaken whilst still training as a GP. An LAS post is temporary and does not have a training component. Locum GP’s in an LAS post will not usually have an educational supervisor but will still have a clinical supervisor to watch over them and guide them through their day to day job role. LAS posts are a great way for locum doctors to gain valuable experience. 

LAT / Locum Appointment for Training – These are trainee locum doctor posts where by the GP in training will receive both a clinical supervisor as well as an educational supervisor to assess and guide them through their day to day duties as a locum GP. A benefit of a LAT post is that there are normally other training opportunities available as part of taking the post, allowing GPs to experience different specialities or receive specialist training in niche areas. 

GP Locum Posts – These posts are where locum GP’s can find locum NHS work whereby there is a demand for GP’s. The work is often very well paid and quite flexible and can offer lots of opportunity for gaining new skills and experience. Locum work as a locum GP can be very advantageous to newly qualified GPs in the sense that it offer the opportunity for lots of varied work, giving access to a broad range of locum work.

Speciality Doctor / Locum Consultant – If you are trained in a speciality or have significant experience, you may choose to apply for a job as a locum consultant or a locum speciality doctor. These roles often require lots of experience; however, they are very well paid and are normally in high demand. 

Apply at ThinkLocum and let us lead you into a world of locum jobs. 

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