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What is the best way to look for work as a locum doctor?

What Is the Best Way to Look for Work as A Locum Doctor?

Whether you have just recently qualified from medical school and are seeking locum doctor work or you’re an experienced, salaried GP looking to take on some extra work as a locum doctor, there are a few different ways as to how you can go about looking for work as a locum doctor. 


There are many reasons as to why you might want to look for work as a locum doctor, and there are many benefits to doing so. 

  • Much more flexible working hours
  • Extremely well paid
  • Opportunity to gain invaluable experience
  • Regularly change your work environment

If you’re thinking about looking for work as a locum doctor, then here are some of the best ways you can go about searching.

Sign Up to A Locum Agency

If you’re looking for a good place to start looking for work as a locum doctor, then consider signing up to a locum agency. A locum agency will do all the work of finding and sending you roles that suit your skills and ability. 

It takes away the hard work of always having to line work up yourself which can be incredibly stressful. A locum agency will place you into locum roles in an exchange for a percentage of your locum wage that you receive. Locum agencies are also a great support network should you need any assistance or have any queries about your role as a locum doctor. 

Find A Local Locum Chamber

Another excellent way of looking for locum work is to find your local locum chamber and sign up. A locum chamber usually requires a management or yearly signup fee in exchange for helping you look for regular locum work. 

The chamber is made up of a group of GPs and doctors who each have an established list of hospital contacts which locums can avail of. They often offer things like peer support and most of the time, the admin work is completed for you.

Independently Look for Work

A popular choice for many locum doctors, looking for work themselves means they can pick and choose when to take on locum work. Searching for work as a locum doctor by yourself often enables you to have the ability to negotiate your preferred rate of pay and allows you to build strong relationships with hospitals and practices. 

What Is the Best Way to Look for Work as A Locum Doctor?

Whilst the most popular way of looking for work as a locum might be searching independently, looking for work through a locum agency is probably the best way to look for work as a locum doctor. This takes all the pressure away from searching for your next locum role, allowing you to focus on performing your duties as a locum GP. 

Locum agencies offer a strong support network meaning you will have somebody ready to assist you with any queries you may have. Locum agencies often act as a middleman between the hospital and locum doctor and will normally arrange for somebody to greet you on arrival and show you around.

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