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Type Of Work Available for A Locum GP

Type Of Work Available for A Locum GP

As a locum GP, you are generally spoilt for choice when it comes to what work is available for a locum GP. Locum GPs are currently in very high demand in order to meet the number of patients who need to be seen on a daily basis across the United Kingdom. 

Working as a locum doctor has many advantages to avail of that are very attractive to GP’s seeking locum work. 

  • Well Paid
  • Flexible
  • Less Stress
  • Gain valued experience

There are many types of work available for a locum GP.

Full Time Locum GP Work

If you’re not already a salaried GP, then you have the option to become a full-time locum GP. This is where you will work full time as a GP carrying out various locum work for a number of different GP practices and hospitals. 

Your location of work may vary on a regular basis however you have more say over how much you get paid and where you want to work. Full time locum work could be anything from 40 to 60 hours per week depending on how many hours you wish to work.

Part Time Locum GP Work

If you are already a salaried GP and work full time at a practice, you may wish to take on locum GP work part time. This would enable you to work a few hours a week as a locum GP. This is a great way to earn some extra money and gain experience working with a range of different practices and hospitals.

Part time locum work is also ideal if you cannot work full time as a GP or locum GP due to other life commitments such as family. Part time locum GP work offers you the ability to earn decent money whilst working few hours, meaning you have more spare time to enjoy. 

Short Term Locum GP Work

You may choose to undertake short term locum GP work, whereby you only carry out locum work for a short period of time at a particular practice or hospital. This enables you to start building a portfolio of locum work and practices and is a great way to pick up some extra experience. 

Short term locum work is generally quite flexible and will suit locum GPs with family commitments. It is also a great way of earning some extra income quickly as a locum GP.

Fixed Term Locum GP Work

Some locum GP work has the benefit of being for a fixed period of time, this could be anywhere from 6 months to a year, such as a maternity cover. Your contract will normally specify the date of termination. 

Fixed term locum work will often mean that the locum GP will work for just one singular GP practice or hospital for the period of their contract. This offers great income stability as well as the possibility of leading to a more permanent position. Fixed term locum GP work also allows GPs to build much more intimate and personal relationships with patients.

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