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Top Tips for Your First Day in A New Hospital as A Locum

Top Tips for Your First Day in A New Hospital as A Locum

Regardless of what your job role or title is, your first day in a new place can be incredibly challenging. Especially as a locum. Hospitals are big, meaning it can take quite some time to efficiently learn where everything is.

But it is important to remember that not everyone is going to expect you to navigate the hospital or know where everything is from day one. There are many things to keep in mind when starting in a new hospital as a locum, here are some of our top tips to make your first day a little easier.

Bring Photographic ID – Your first day in a new hospital means it is highly unlikely that anyone will know who you are or where you’re coming from. It is important to bring your photographic ID as well as your locum agency ID card. This helps other hospital staff to be able to identify you and lets them know that you’re working in the hospital as a locum. Try approaching the reception desk on your first day, show them any required documents or ID and they should help show you around.

Be Organised – It goes without saying that being well organised will make your first day in a new hospital much smoother. Be sure to have everything you need packed the night before, have any contact numbers at the ready so you can phone ahead if you’re going to be late. It is also a good idea to have the name of who it is that will be onboarding or orientating you at the ready too.

Be on Time – Try your best to be on time, even a little early to get to grips with your surroundings and the people you’ll be working with. This creates a good first impression on your first day and shows the hospital and staff that you’re a reliable locum who takes their role seriously.

Bring Your Own Packed Lunch – If it happens to be your first day in a new hospital in which you have never set foot, it is helpful to bring your own packed lunch. Whilst most hospitals have canteens, some smaller hospitals don’t. Not to mention, you might not like the food, the price or any dietary requirements might not be available. It is better to be safe and have some food with you that you know you’ll like and enjoy.

Don’t Be Afraid to Say Hello – Introduce yourself to your new colleagues. Let them know that you’re the new locum and it’s your first day in the hospital. Most people will be happy to help you out and show you around if you need anything. Be friendly and treat people with respect and you can expect the same in return.

By remembering these top tips for your first day in a new hospital as a locum, you can really make your first day a little easier. Always remember that if in any doubt about something, just ask another member of staff. Hospital staff are usually very friendly and will be happy to help.

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