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Tips and Must-Dos for Locum Doctors

Locum work offers a great opportunity for doctors due to its flexibility, independence, ultimately, better paid rates. Let’s take a look at some handy tips, so that you can make the most out of locum work. 

Ensure that your working requirements are clear from the beginning: 

Make sure that you have outlined all your needs clearly with your agency.  Inform them with your preferred working hours, preferred location, specialism and your hourly rates. Ensure that you choose a job vacancies that is represenative of your skill and talent. There may be roles which underpay or do not suit your skills. Look out for yourself and accept roles with suitable rates. 

Similarly, do not accept shifts that you know you could not do. Locum is known for flexibility, and you should not get under pressure in any way.

Keep your references updated:

The locum agency will ask you to update at least two consultant references each year. Hence, if you are thinking to change jobs or your consultant is moving to some other hospital, it’s convenient and time-saving to have a reference form filled by your consultant beforehand. It will save your time and energy to reach out to your consultant when you have not seen him for quite long and when most agencies don’t accept anything other than their own reference form.

Keep a record of your hours worked:

Keep your timesheets timely signed by the consultant to avoid delays in payments. Likewise, maintain your own records (note in your phone) of when you start working and get paid. Some trusts may not be organized enough to realize your exact time of getting paid and hence, late payments.

ThinkLocum pays all our candidates immediately and automatically. There is no more hanging around waiting for invoices to be paid. As soon as your shift has been approved we will pay you. Simple as that!

Keep your compliance documents organised:

Keep a close eye on your doctor compliance documents. They must keep up to date and they will be essential for receiving locum work. There are compliance registration dates. Make sure all your documents are up to date and that they are renewed annually. 

Others important tips:

  • Keep your job-related documents well organized and updated.
  • Do not forget to keep your photo ID and agency ID badge with you before starting your shift.
  • Get your parking permit, if required, to avoid parking illegally and getting parking tickets.
  • Dress professionally and follow the dress code of the hospital.
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