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The Pros And Cons of Working As A Locum GP

Starting out a locum doctor is a common first step for many GPs who are newly qualified, as well as doctors who wish to pursue freelance as a locum GP. However, just like any other job, working as a locum GP has many pros and cons.


Pros of Working as A Locum GP


It is a common belief that the pros significantly outweigh the cons of working as a locum GP. Some of the best benefits include:


Potential for A Great Salary – Working as a locum GP offers the potential to earn a realistic, modest six figure salary while working full time. Equally you could still earn a very considerable five figure salary working part time. The rate of pay will be subject to the medical area and your location but the biggest pro of working as a locum GP is the potential for a great salary.


Be as Flexible as You Like – While working as a locum GP, a huge benefit and a big reason many consultants choose to work as a locum GP is that you can choose to be as flexible as you like. Meaning you can pick and choose your hours as well as where you work, making it easy to work around family commitments or other lifestyle commitments.


You’re Your Own Boss – A great advantage to working as a locum GP is that you are essentially your own boss. For the most part, you can set your own rate of pay, usually out earning the hourly salary of salaried GPs and in some cases, even partners. As you are self-employed, you also have the added bonus of being able to claim various expenses on your taxes, which will make a positive difference to your yearly salary.



Cons of Working as A Locum GP


As with any job, working as a locum GP also has some negatives, some of these include:


You May Have to Travel – Due to the nature of the work, you may have to be willing to travel to different areas in order to work at different hospitals. This can sometimes mean you are working far from home, meaning you have a longer commute and will spend more money on travel expenses.


No Guarantee – Possibly the biggest con of working as a locum GP is that unfortunately you are not guaranteed the hours or job length which you might desire. You are also not guaranteed a particular rate of pay, which will vary from area to area and role to role. Your monthly salary may differ from month to month and will greatly depend on how consistent locum GP work is. 


Lonely – Working as a locum GP can often be very lonely. You will rarely interact with other members of staff and will normally be shown to your office or room, see all your patients for your allotted work time and then leave and go home again. This can become quite lonely as you won’t often get the chance to form work relationships with any colleagues.

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