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Locum Junior Doctor Salary

Locum Junior Doctor Salary

Locuming as a junior doctor is undoubtedly a great way to bring in some money. In general, locum work is normally very well paid. Many locum doctors will quite often earn similar wages, if not more than full-time salaried doctors. Locum doctors will also have much more of a say over their working hours as well as how often they work and where. 

If you’re a junior doctor, and you’re thinking about taking on work as a locum junior doctor, you might be wondering how much money you can earn.

Locum Junior Doctor Salary

A locum doctor on average can earn anything from as low as £46,000 all the way up to over £80,000 depending on their working hours, hourly rate and their experience. As a locum junior doctor, you can expect to earn anything from around £30 per hour when you first begin your career as a locum doctor. After gaining some experience as a locum junior doctor, you could expect to see rates as high as £75 per hour. 

Below is a table of the average hourly rates for locum doctors in relation to their level of experience. 


Average Pay Per Hour


£30 – £75


£40 – £85


£50 – £100

Can I Earn More Than A Full Time Junior Doctor?

As a junior locum doctor, you could expect to earn the same as, if not more than a full time salaried junior doctor. This is because you can generally negotiate your own rate of pay when searching for locum work. Alternatively, if you’re using a locum agency, the agency will generally try to secure the best hourly rate of pay possible for you when undertaking work as a junior locum doctor. 

How Do Junior Locum Doctors Get Paid?

Whilst working as a junior locum doctor, you will be operating as self-employed, and can expect to be charged out at an hourly rate of pay which will depend on your level of experience. Junior locum doctors will be paid much less per hour than the likes of a locum consultant for example. 

It is important to remember that there is generally no cap on how much you can earn as a junior locum doctor, however many locum roles will be advertised at a specified pay range. 

If you choose to find work by yourself as a junior locum doctor, how you are paid will depend on how often you bill, this could be bi-weekly or monthly. With locum agencies, you will normally get paid every 1-2 weeks for the hours that you have worked as a junior locum doctor.

Should I Take On Locum Work As A Junior Doctor?

This will of course depend on where you are in your career as a doctor, but locum work as a junior doctor is a great way to gain exposure to a range of different experiences that you might not otherwise have access to whilst working a full time salaried junior doctor position.

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