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How To Find the Best GP Locum Jobs In Birmingham?

Finding all of the best locum GP jobs in Birmingham is no simple process, whether you’re an experienced, full-time salaried GP who’s decided that its best to take the plunge into locum employment or you’re straight out of education. 

It might be difficult when you first begin looking for locum work with so many openings and so many qualified individuals. We’ll go through how you can discover the best locum GP jobs in Birmingham.

Independently Search for Locum Jobs In Birmingham

If depending on someone else to source and find your next job is really not your style, you may choose to operate as an independent locum GP and locate locum employment by yourself. There are several employment sites and other venues in Birmingham where you may look for locum work on a regular basis, not forgetting other contacts you may have or word of mouth. These methods can all be useful in finding regular locum NHS work in Birmingham. 

Do keep in mind that whilst searching for locum work independently has many benefits such as being able to negotiate higher rates of pay as well as having more say in your flexibility, there are also some drawbacks. Searching for jobs in Birmingham can be challenging when up against locum agencies and you won’t always have the security of knowing where your next job will be coming from. 

Join A Local Locum Chamber in Birmingham

If you want to find the best locum GP work in Birmingham, then you may want to look into joining a local Birmingham locum chamber. This will allow you access to a small group of other locum GP’s operating in Birmingham, who can share contacts and work. You can find many of the best locum work Birmingham has to offer this way. 

It is worthwhile noting that you will have to give a percentage of your locum pay to the chamber in exchange for having regular locum work. This is beneficial as you won’t have to worry about where your next job is coming from. There are also other GP’s there to offer their support should you need it.

Sign Up with A Birmingham Locum Agency

If you want stability as a locum working in Birmingham, then one of the best ways of finding great locum jobs in the city is to sign up with a locum agency. A locum agency can do all the hard work of finding your next job easier whilst you’re carrying out locum GP shifts elsewhere, relieving you of the stress of having to look for work.

Locum agencies are great at finding all of the best locum jobs in Birmingham, they can source regular work and you get to build a long list of useful contacts that you can use in the future. Locum agencies often will offer extra support to locum doctors and will have something similar to a middleman service to ensure that you are supported properly when starting in a new hospital or GP practice.

Let ThinkLocum help you find the best locum work. Get in touch today. 

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