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How Much Does A Doctor Earn on A Locum Night Shift?

Locum work is generally considered to be quite well paid. In some cases, locum doctors can earn the same as or more than a salaried doctor. Perhaps you are considering becoming a locum doctor or you wish to take on some locum work at night. 

Maybe you’re wondering how much a locum doctor can earn on a night shift, we explain everything you need to know below.

Benefits Of Taking On Locum Doctor Night Shifts

You may wish to take on work as a locum doctor for a range of reasons. There are many benefits to working night shifts as a locum doctor.

Less Competition for Shifts – If you plan on taking on night shifts as a locum doctor, there is usually less competition for night shifts as nobody wants to work them. The night shift is generally less desired for salaried doctors or other locum doctors as they are considered as unsociable hours. However, this means that it is usually easier to find work as a locum doctor seeking night shift work.

Can Be Slower Paced – Night shifts can sometimes move at a much slower and much more manageable pace depending on which hospital or practice you undertake locum doctor night shift work. This could be great if you are just starting your career as a junior doctor as it lets you learn on the job easier. 

Higher Pay – Most night shifts will pay better for having to work the unsociable hours, meaning you can expect to earn on the higher end of the scale above for your respective hourly rate of pay.

Less Commute Time – There will generally be less traffic at night or unsociable hours, meaning your commute time to work will be much less than if you were to commute during the daytime. This could give you more time at home before work to finish up any extra responsibilities at home. 

The Locum Doctor Salary

The average locum doctor salary that can fill their calendar year with locum work can earn a very broad approximation of £100,000. However, there are many external factors which can play into this such as being able to find regular shifts and whether or not you’re willing to travel to other cities or hospitals around the country for work. 

Below are the average rates of pay per hour for locum doctors. Locum doctors can expect to earn towards to higher end of their average rate of hourly pay per hour when on night shift. For example, as a foundation level locum doctor, you might earn towards £60-£70 per hour on a night shift.

Level of Qualification

Average Rate of Pay Per Hour

Foundation Level

£30 – £75


£45 – £85



The approximation is also based on a locum doctor being fully qualified to a consultant level. Locum doctors who are not as qualified, such as junior doctors will not earn this much, their salary will be considerably less.

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