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How Much Can You Earn as A Locum Doctor in London?

There is no denying that locum work is well paid for doctors pursuing locum GP shifts. Their pay is normally reasonably high and you generally have a lot of control over how long you’re working for and how often you’re working if you manage to play your cards right. But how much can a locum doctor expect to earn solely in London? 

Locum Doctor Salary

On average in the UK, locum doctors can expect to earn anywhere from £46,000 if they are just starting out all the way up to as high as £88,000 depending on experience. The average salary for a locum doctor is roughly around £57,627 which works out at £29.55 an hour, which isn’t bad at all. 

If you can negotiate a high hourly rate, locum work can pull you in at a considerably decent salary. In London, these rates will be much higher again due to the higher rate of pay in London and the surrounding area. 

The typical hourly rates for a locum doctor are listed below so you can get a good idea of how much you could earn based on the hours you work and your experience. 

Experience Level

Hourly Rate

Foundation Level – Newly Qualified

£30 – £75

Speciality Doctor

£45 – £85



Can I Earn More Than a Full Time Doctor?

There is lots of debate over whether or not you can earn more as a locum doctor than a full-time salaried doctor. Whilst generally starting out as a locum doctor you will likely out earn other full-time doctors provided you are able to find and secure regular work, at the higher end of the locum salary it is actually not much different to that of a full-time consultant. 

You also have to remember that as a locum doctor, you will not receive any sick pay or paid bank holidays so these must be factored into your expected earnings. 

It is definitely still possible to earn more than full time doctors working as a locum, there are just many factors to take into consideration such as travel expenses, working hours and how often you can find regular work.

Should I Become a Locum Doctor in London?

Not only is it possible to earn a very high locum GP salary in London, but there is also the added advantage that there are lots of hospitals, meaning there is a much greater chance that locum work will be readily available. Having regular work as a locum helps to secure regular pay which is a challenge that many locum doctors often struggle with, especially in more rural or less built up areas.

Becoming a locum doctor in London would have many advantages like travelling between hospitals would be relatively easy and being able to find work easily, however it is worth carrying out adequate research to see if working as a locum doctor is right for you. Being a locum doctor is incredibly challenging, but rewarding. 

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