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How Do Locum Agencies Work?

Whether you’re a seasoned and experienced salaried doctor or you’re just starting in your career, you will often hear the term ‘locum’ used quite a lot. If you’re wondering what exactly a locum agency is and how it might be able to benefit you in your career, then keep reading for more information.

What Is A Locum Doctor?

A locum doctor is somewhat similar to that of a substitute teacher in a sense. Essentially, a locum doctor will come to a practice or hospital where staff are few and far between, or certain positions need covered due to illness or annual leave, which can leave hospitals and practices short staffed.

Locum work is conducted as freelance work, doctors who are qualified and hold a valid medical license to practice can undertake locum work by signing up to locum agencies, who will help them find work as a locum doctor. There are other ways of finding locum work, but using an agency offers a significant number of benefits.

What Is A Locum Agency?

Life as a locum doctor can be incredibly stressful, and finding the extra time to continuously search for new work or new contracts after work has been completed can be time consuming and stressful. A locum agency allows locum doctors to sign up, and will do all the hard work when it comes to arranging for the locum doctor to undertake new locum work.

A locum agency will then take a cut of the locum doctors pay in exchange for regularly finding the locum doctor new work as well as providing support to the locum doctor throughout their time in a particular locum job.

What Are The Benefits Of A Locum Agency?

Whilst locum doctors can choose to find locum work by themselves, or sign up to a locum chamber, a locum agency is generally the best option when searching for locum work. Signing up with a locum agency offers many benefits to the locum doctor.

Best Rate Of Pay – When using a locum agency, they will generally try to negotiate the best rate of pay possible for the locum doctor. This means you have the chance to earn significantly more than you could if you were searching for work on your own.

Support & Guidance – Signing up to a locum agency offers locum doctors support and guidance in their locum roles. This can cover everything from arranging a contact who will meet you on your first day and show you around to resolving any issues that might arise throughout the period of your locum work.

Less Stress – Using a locum agency helps remove a lot of the stress of wondering where your next job will come from. A locum agency will do all of the hard work for you and will normally be able to line locum work up for you just as you’re due to finish your most current locum work. This allows you to focus more on work and saves time when it comes to finding new locum work.

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