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Can You Locum as FY2?

Can You Locum as FY2?

There are many different reasons as to why you might want to take on locum work in your FY2 year. This could be to help with the costs of living, help with costs of education or even just to earn some money on the side whilst you gain valuable locum experience and build a variety of useful contacts and practices for future use. 

Perhaps you’re not quite sure on whether or not you can undertake locum work in your FY2 year, and is it a good idea?

Can I Locum as FY2?

The short answer is yes, you can locum as FY2 doctor. However, it is important that you meet a few conditions that are essential to being able to locum as junior or trainee doctor. Firstly, you will of course need to have a license to practice as a doctor if you plan to take on locum work outside of training. It is important that this is declared on an ‘R Form’.

What Conditions Must I Meet?

In order to undertake locum work for the NHS as an FY2 doctor, you must satisfy some conditions. The NHS confirms that it is fine to undertake locum work outside of training so long as the below conditions are adhered to. 

  • Any job or role undertaken must comply with the EWTD regulations.
  • Locum work must not interrupt a minimum of 28 days of annual leave each year, or 5.6 weeks. This includes any bank holidays and is based on the locum working an average of 5 days per week. 
  • If you decide to not comply with the EWTD regulations, you shall still be required to meet the obligations of any contract of employment you hold, as well as meeting any terms and conditions you currently hold with your employment. 
  • You must not undertake locum work during periods of leave, sickness or study.
  • Locum work undertaken must not be considered above the locums FY2 competency.
  • Any locum work undertaken should not directly impact any of the trainee’s education or educational goals.
  • It is up to the locum to see that these conditions are responsibly met and adhered to. 

How Much Can I Earn?

As an FY2 locum doctor, you can expect to earn anywhere from £30-£75 per hour on average based on the table below and as a locum, you can expect to get paid every 1-2 weeks. This means that if you were to undertake locum work for 25 hours per week, you could make on average of at least £750 per week. This is a very attractive salary for many FY2 doctors who wish to take on locum work.


Average Pay Per Hour


£30 – £75


£40 – £85


£50 – £100

Should I Take on Locum Work as A FY2 Doctor?

If you can satisfy the conditions set by the NHS and undertaking locum work suits your needs, then it is a great opportunity to learn and gain valuable experience as an FY2 doctor.

If you are interested in locum work, apply now at ThinkLocum. 

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