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We offer both NHS and Private shifts at a 24/7 availability.
We pride ourselves on efficiency. By onboarding with us, we promise to get you working in as many shifts as you like, whenever you like, hassle free.

Some of the perks of onboarding with ThinkLocum:

1. Prompt payments

There is no need to wait for payment. Once your shift has been approved, you will get paid instantly through to your Ltd company.

2. 24/7 Shifts​

We have a wide range of private and NHS shifts across the country, available consistently and across all fields.

3. Tailored Shifts

We will send you shifts based on your location and speciality.

4. Free Coffee​

We’ve partnered with the antioxidant, ‘positively energising’ coffee brand ‘TrueStart’ to offer our doctors free and discounted coffee packages. Be energised for your shifts with a jitter free coffee.

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